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Eamon ó Broin Jewellery

Medieval Celtic Cuff

Medieval Celtic Cuff

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A handcrafted cuff created from time honored jewellery making craft skills and set with a red,  blue and purple cubic zirconia which carries this cuff across the waves from the Medieval silent spaces in between that which inspired it's creation - an addition to my Viking/ Celtic inspired Jewellery collection

Made to order from Design to completion, please allow 2-3 weeks.

The cuff is created using traditional jewellery making skills. I pierce the design from copper sheet and using jeweler's files I carefully remove all piercing saw marks. I then cut from copper sheet a base to the required length.  Once cut I solder the design to the base using high heat from butane/ propane torches. This is where the traditional skills meet with the tools of the trade today. Once soldered The crafting begins. The copper is forged on a bangle mandrel to shape it and carefully round the metal slowly. I use a combination of raw hide mallets and planishing hammers to shape & forge. The next stage is to remove all hammer marks from the metal using emery sticks and emery paper. I then create a seat for each cubic zirconia gemstone. Once all work is complete the cuff is ready for polish. I use Tripoli & rouge compounds to give the copper a high Luster finish.

Gemstones: Cubic zirconia

Red Garnet, Blue Topaz, Purple Amethyst.

Eamon ó Broin Jewellery.

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