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Dream Catcher Pendant 9ct Gold & silver

Dream Catcher Pendant 9ct Gold & silver

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Dreamcatcher Gold & Silver pendant

This pendant was created using Sacred Geometry as a basis for it's design. I wanted to create a pendant which incorporated the Native American Dream Catcher symbol and combine it with my own exploration of Geometry using Compass and pencil.

The Gold in the center represents the Sun Disc. 


A number of tribal legends have been proffered in recent years to explain the dream catcher's origin. Among the Lakota Sioux, several versions tell essentially the same story. When the world was young, a spiritual elder went to a mountain with an offering of a willow hoop decorated with beads and feathers. While on the mountain, he had a vision in which Iktomi, the great Trickster, appeared to him in his guise as a spider. As the old man and the spider talked, the spider took the willow hoop and began to spin a web inside it. While spinning the web, the spider spoke of the cycle of life from infancy to old age. It described both good and bad forces in the cosmos. The bad forces can be harmful, but the good forces can lead a person in a positive direction, in harmony with nature. Once the intricate web was finished the spider presented it to the old man and told him to use it to help himself and his people. If you believe in the Great Spirit, the web will catch the good ideas and allow the bad ones to flow through the hole. The spider is regarded by the Lakota Sioux as a cosmological traveler, capable of travelling everywhere, through the sky and the clouds, to the Earth and beneath. Thus the Spider and its many characteristics play a prime role in Lakota Sioux culture and Mythology.


pendant Height: 25-30mm approx.
Pendant Width: 25-30mm approx.
Metal Thickness 1.2mm
Metal : 925 Sterling Silver
Centre Disc: 9ct Yellow Gold

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