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Galactic Butterfly Mayan Pendant

Galactic Butterfly Mayan Pendant

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Hunab Ku, an ancient symbol representing the Galactic butterfly. A powerful symbol to the Mayan civilization. The Maya reflected that our Milky Way Galaxy is the generator of Life. The Architect of the universe is called Hunab Ku, the absolute being, the central plane of the Galaxy. Hunab Ku is a transceiver of energy which stimulates the creation & birthing of new stars and planetary systems. Radiating outward from the center of the Galaxy, Light codes influence and conduct energy into what we know today as suns & planets. The pulsations of Hunab Ku are understood as a language of codes & energies recorded in the form of the Tzolkin, also known as the sacred calendar to the Mayan communicated through a long count of 20 and shorter count of 13. Both these counts look at cycles of the moon and earth in relation the sun over long distances in time.

The Mayan referenced an important date of December 21st 2012 marked by a solar eclipse as an end of a 5125 year cycle and the beginning or birthing of a new sun. IF we look at Vedic Astrology, the comparisons are clear as to a similar study of the precession of the Equinoxes, which is the study of the slow wobble of earth’s axis which gives the impression of a backward drift through the sky over 26,000 years also known as the Yuga cycles.

This cycle of the Earth’s axis through the vault of the heavens is the birthplace of Astrology. We have been stationed or transiting the age of Pisces for 2000 years and as we enter into the Age of Aquarius many changes or upgrades of consciousness are taking place. It is not the Hollywood end of the world but rather an upgrade of all life forms. Like with any change or transit the old ways which are outdated must go for the new to manifest. The cycle of 26000 years, a full processional cycle was known in almost all ancient civilizations. Stone Temples acted like solar observatories. Pyramids, a deep in depth study of the geometries and building blocks of the cosmos built as stellar libraries to instruct future generations. The truth is hidden in plain sight.

The transit of 2012 is ongoing. To try to understand this vast time scale try to Imagine a winter solstice at Irelands Neolithic observatory Bru na Boinne/ Newgrange. Usually the light will enter the chamber for a few days before the solstice and for a few days after the solstice. This happens yearly. If we were to try and imagine this as an event in the 26000 year cycle of precession, there is also an alignment similar to a winter solstice where the sun is directly aligned with the centre of the Milky Way galaxy. So imagine what a few days either side where the light enters the chamber might look like in earth years in reference to a 26000 cycle. Everything in nature dies to be reborn. All cycles come and go. The Mayan culture lived with a deep rooted connection to this understanding. Hence the symbol of the Galactic butterfly. Metamorphosis in time of time.

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