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Orion correlation Ring

Orion correlation Ring

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Orion constellation & Spiral Ring 

From September to March the three belt stars of Orion rise high into the winter sky in the northern hemisphere.  The Three pyramids on the Giza Plateau stand at the geodesic centre of the earth. The original location of what we now call GMT which moved to London fairly recently. The Great pyramid encodes many mysteries. It is aligned to true north to within one degree and the ancient complex marks the four cardinal points. Both solstice & equinoxes. It carries reference to the great year of a 26,000 year cycle known as the precession of the equinoxes.  Over 2.3 million blocks of stone each one carved and weighing on average 2.5 ton. Precision and advanced knowledge of sacred geometry, mathematics, phi, Pi and the golden ratio. The earth, sun & moon diameters and distances all mirrored in its construction. Its coordinates of longitude & latitude on the earth also mirroring the speed of Light to within a few decimal errors.  Tonal frequencies of 432 HZ and 7.83 HZ are experienced inside the king’s chamber, harmonic vibrations of healing principle a direct result of harmonic geometry in its design and construction. Utilizing Quartz Limestone & Granite to amplify and transmit.   Far from "the tomb theory" of dead pharaohs thought in the modern academic schools of the world. No mummies or hieroglyphic writings have ever been found inside the Great pyramid. The pyramid of Khufu contains eight sides, which only become visible on two specific days of the year the spring and autumnal equinox, the equinox sun casts a shadow to reveal eight sides which illuminates advanced knowledge of astronomy and solar/stellar observation. The three pyramids on the ground mirror the three belt stars of Orion. In the constellation of Orion one star is offset, one pyramid on the ground is also offset.  I created this ring with the three belt stars of Orion & the pyramid complex at Giza in mind. Using sacred geometry on a micro scale I wanted to mirror the sky ground correlation and use compass and ruler to express harmonic proportions.  As above so below. The information encoded by the ancients in stone at the Giza complex continues to inspire my work and shows that our true cosmic origin and lost knowledge is hidden in plain sight. The stones used in the ring are Cubic Zirconia, Garnet, and Amethyst & Blue Topaz. 

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