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Eamon ó Broin Jewellery

Siberian Dark Amethyst - 925 sterling silver

Siberian Dark Amethyst - 925 sterling silver

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A stone I cut from a rough piece of Siberian Amethyst. It is extremely dark and almost black but  reveals a a dark purple violet hue. / tone

The stone is almost black but neither black nor purple.  I cut it into a small button size cabochon and decided to set it with Fine silver Bezel and sterling silver setting. The silver warms the dark hues and creates beautiful contrast which compliments this small Amethyst. 

A stone for those who appreciate the darker tones, Amethyst being the birth stone for February.


Month: February

Mohs scale of Hardness: between 5 and 7

Sign : Aquarius

Country of Origin: Brazil, Uruguay, Siberia

Mood : A stone to amplify what is blocking in order to be released on a full moon

February Mantra : I am guided by my positive

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