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Eamon ó Broin Jewellery

Amarna Bracelet II

Amarna Bracelet II

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Overall Weight : 31.3grams
Hallmarked : 925 Sterling silver
Gemstones : AAA Quality Red Garnet, Cubic Zirconia
Bracelet Length: 185mm
The first from a new collection of Jewellery which I am developing this year. The Amarna Bracelet II. The design is developing out of my own 10 year fascination with the Art & Architecture of ancient Egypt. The design process with this bracelet is a continued exploration of harmonic proportions using sacred geometry on a two dimensional plane as a starting point for design. When we look at the construction work in Egypt dating back into Antiquity, behind each temple & structure is a blueprint which is witnessed the world over. Ancient cultures harmonized their surroundings with the natural world using sacred geometry principles and this is becoming more evident today as our own technology advances.
The bracelet is crafted from sterling silver which is cast and rolled to a thickness of 2.8mm. The overall weight of the bracelet is 31grams approx. I decided on AAA Grade Red Garnet, Cubic Zirconia gems. Beautiful deep red coloured cubic zirconia gemstones which imitate well the natural colour of garnet but with the added incredible sparkle that cubic zirconia are known for.
Cubic zirconia is a man-made stone and the colorless uncoated variety is one of the most popular diamond simulants due to its clarity and incredible sparkle.
The ends are crafted from 0.9mm sterling silver with my own Celtic inspired twisted knot combination and these are frosted using a steel bristle brush which creates a beautiful textured finish.

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