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Eamon ó Broin Jewellery

Leo Astrology Glyph Talisman

Leo Astrology Glyph Talisman

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a talisman LEO zodiac glyph crafted from high quality sterling silver - a beautiful gift to the fire sign of LEO - comes with a sterling silver chain, in a beautiful box with a small write up on LEOS characteristics, in a purple velvet pouch - hallmarked - eamon ó broin jewellery

Leo Traits & characteristics – August 2022 Zodiac Silver collection

Dates: 23rd of July to 23rd of August

Ruling Planet: the Sun

Element: Fire

Colours: Gold, Yellow, Orange

Modality: Fixed

Traditional Leo Traits: Generous, warm-hearted, creative, enthusiastic, faithful & loving

Leo Trees: Olive, Palm, Bay, Laurel, Walnut, Citrus,

Leo Flowers: Sunflower, Marigold, Passion Flower, Celandine.

Metals: Gold

Gemstones: Ruby, Peridot, Topaz, Tigers Eye

Leo which is Latin for Lion is the fifth sign of the zodiac. Leo’s are very organized and always need a strong sense of control in their lives. Leos never rush into change in a foolhardy way, because they are not over fond of it. However if they can learn to view important periods of change as a succession of challenges and a means to progress they will be able to cope well. Like the other Fire signs extrovert creativity is a strong mark of Leo’s character. Leo prompts instinctive, immediate action and a passionate reaction to almost all life situations.

All of my Jewellery designs are handcrafted from my studio in Dublin, Ireland.

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