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Mercury retrograde Talisman

Mercury retrograde Talisman

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925 Sterling Silver Mercury Glyph Pendant, Irish Jewellery Design

Pendant Dimensions:
Height: 17.5 mm
Width: 8 mm

Hallmarked and stamped / certified by Dublin Assay Office Company of Goldsmiths.

“Tricksters preside over moments of passage, rupture and transformation.”

“Without Hermes, there are no transitions, only endless repetitions, a psychopathology without a God.”

The planet Mercury, the smallest and closest planet to the Sun turns retrograde three times in the calendar year.

Mercury Retrograde dates for 2024

December 13, 2023, to January 1, 2024
April 1 to April 24
August 4 to August 27
November 25 to December 15

What does it all mean?

If we were to observe on the horizon line, the position of the planet Mercury at sunrise or sunset, over a number of weeks we would notice that instead of the planet travelling from east to west, it stops and starts to rise a little further west each day. This looks like the planet is moving backwards or retrograde. Mercury takes 88 days to orbit the sun. We go around in 365 days.

Is the world going to end?

Not really. You might notice that somebody moved the bus stop on the day you have that all important meeting. Or you find yourself staring at a blank page while windows disappears completely, just as you’ve finished typing your thesis. Talking becomes one of those things, no matter what your intention is with words it comes out three dimensions short of a sentence. Hermes is the God of communication, so they say not to sign any important contracts during Mercury’s backward cycle.

The essence of the nervous system is communication, and Hermes, or Mercury, is the god of, transportation, commerce and communication. Greek mythology also depicts Hermes as a clever trickster, sent out on missions by Zeus and other Olympian gods to do their dirty work.

Hermes is the god of the unexpected, of luck, of coincidence, of 'synchronicity.' The ancient Greeks would say: 'Hermes has entered our midst,' whenever a sudden silence had entered the room, descended on conversation and introduced into the meeting another dimension.

Whenever things seem fixed, rigid, 'stuck,' Hermes introduces fluidity, motion, new beginnings - as well as the confusion which inevitably precedes new beginnings

“Tricksters preside over moments of passage, rupture and transformation.”

A specific type of creator god, he is the creator of new spaces. It is in the creation of new spaces, novel spaces, inventive spaces, especially psychologically subtle spaces that Hermes shows his special nature and genius.

For the next 21 days, slow down. Take stock, switch off the electronics for an hour or two and allow Mercury open the door to mischief… and if you have an appointment maybe walk!! 

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