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Eamon ó Broin Jewellery

Virgo Astrology Glyph Talisman

Virgo Astrology Glyph Talisman

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a beautiful talisman gift , Handcrafted from 925 sterling silver, Hallmarked Eamon ó Broin Jewellery

Virgo Glyph Talisman necklace

The Astrological Element related to Virgo is Earth.

The Earth element is feminine or yin and very receptive. It corresponds to the Jungian typology of Sensation. The Earth energy is grounded and heavy, responding to the gravity of physical circumstances and limitations. Earth people are in touch with their bodies and the pleasures of the physical world around them. They endure. They are self-sufficient orderly and good communicators. The mode of Virgo is Mutable. Mutable signs as the name implies are flexible in their approach. These people are easy going, allowing, and accepting of others around them.

Virgo Period: August 23 - September 22
Virgo Mode: Mutable
Virgo Element: Earth
Ruling Planet of Virgo: Mercury
House Ruled by Virgo: Sixth

Most Compatible Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, and Scorpio.
Least Compatible Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries
opposite Zodiac Sign: Pisces

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